Mary Jane's Revenge Weed Socks For Men

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3... 2... 1... blast off. These funny weed socks for men are what every stoner's sock dreams (or nightmares) are made of. Whether you're shopping for funny sock gifts for your friends, you're stepping up your sock game because you deserve better than the crusty old white ones at the bottom of your sock drawer and you know it, you teach a D.A.R.E class about the dangers of marijuana, funny weed socks make you happy (us too), or you just love funny socks for men as much as we do here at Sock Em', then you've come to the right crazy sock store. When it comes to having the best weed socks, funny socks, random socks, weird socks, and overall best socks for men out there, we've got you covered. Just don't tell your aunt Deb where you got them from (unless of course she likes them, in which case, send her our way).

  • Fits men's shoe sizes 8-13
  • Materials: 48% polyester, 45% cotton, 5% elastic, 2% spandex
  • Compliments guaranteed