Dawn Of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Crew Socks

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All rise. These funny political socks feature everyone's favorite Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, wearing shades and looking like the badass she is, and a super soft and stretchy premium fabric blend for ultimate comfort. Whether you're shopping for funny sock gifts for RBG fans, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is your hero, socks with feminist icons on them are kinda your thing, you're stepping up your sock game because the boring old white ones crumpled up at the bottom of your sock drawer just won't do (way to take a stand), you didn't know that socks with RBG on them existed (you're welcome), or you're ready for the dawn of justice, then you've come to the right novelty sock store. When it comes to having the best character socks, pop culture socks, crazy socks, and random socks you can't live without- we've got you covered.

  • Unisex socks (for both men and women)
  • Fits men's shoe sizes 6-11
  • Fits women's shoe sizes 7.5-12
  • 70% cotton, 28% polyester, 2% elastic
  • Compliments guaranteed