Cuddly Period Socks For Women

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These hilarious and too-true socks for women feature a sour looking cat, ice cream cones, and the words "these are my cuddly period socks" and "you have been warned". Sometimes, you need to send a message with your footwear. These tongue in cheek, funny socks do just that. Whether you're shopping for socks with funny sayings on them, these socks speak to your sassy side on a deep, personal level, funny socks for women make you smile, you're a crazy cat lady (we're not here to judge), your girlfriend needs these in her life, Ben and Jerry's is your go-to snack during that oh-so-wonderful time of the month, or you just love fun socks for women as much as we do here at Sock Em' Sock Emporium, then you've come to the right novelty sock store. When it comes to having the most clever, spot-on, colorful socks with funny sayings on them around, we've got you covered. These sarcastic socks are made with a super soft and stretchy cotton blend, so they feel as good on your feet as they look. You have been warned.

  • Fits women's shoe sizes 7.5-12
  • Materials: 70% cotton, 28% polyester, 2% elastic
  • Instagram-worthy
  • Compliments guaranteed